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Injuries suck!

This is what I’m doing about it. The notion that running a non-impact sport is something that should redefined. Runners are constantly impacting surfaces that are flat, undulating, soft and hard. In a perfect world every step would feel like the first day back after an extended break. [...]

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Recovery with Ember

For decades, altitude training has been a traditional practice utilized by middle and long distance runners for the sole purpose of becoming more competitive at aerobic-based events. In 1968 this became a marquee topic in the athletics community because of the Olympics held in Mexico City (7,382 feet above sea [...]

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Ember Update

After placing fifth at the National 5km Road Championships in NYC, I received a PrP injection into my achilles and had to take three weeks of rest. I’m excited to be back running with a much healthier achilles. I’m itching to go fast, but I also know that I have [...]

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Ember by Cercacor

Ember by Cercacor In today’s world, middle-distance runners are running faster than ever before and every competitive edge matters. Most people know that in order to run fast, you need to train hard, but what many people don’t realize is that recovery just as important. When you stress your body and break down [...]

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